one of those feel-good things, rain is.


This is the third post I’ve attempted to write. The first, was tragically uninspired, so I erased it, the second draft wouldn’t save and re-started the post completley… so here I am, try three. I guess, I probably should get into the rhythm of writing blog posts because lately I’ve been slacking. Mainly, I’ve just been splatting posts on my 365 blog like nobody’s business. Like I didn’t actually care. (except that one day where I posted some awesome text with it but lately, that’s been one in a million) I suppose it may be because I haven’t anything to write about, really. It’s been raining so no agility in the mud (thought it’d probably be a good idea to practice in the rain, however when it rains, George is unbelievably unmotivated so I’d have to figure something out., I usually do).

Contrary to those previous statements, I do very much love the rain. Most things about it, that is. (except George’s lack of motivation) I love the wetness, the sound, the smell, the feel, watching it fall… the rain has some sort of cleansing power over the land (no doubt why they call it a shower) … and me. When the rain falls, usually I feel re-awakened, re motivated and re charged (intentional pun there. charge dogs. hah.) When it rains, most people burrow inside, cozy in front of the television. I sat there, beside the glass door with my economics homework and George, just listening to it. Rain is one of those things that just makes me feel good inside.

in my digital art class, we have a still-life photo assignment. I’m still trying to wrap my head around what exactly I want to do for mine… but this is a start. This lighting only comes when it rains, this is in my front room on the chess table. And the light filtered through the clouds makes it appear eerie. (not to mention with my camera settings I can make it look even more cool.) I really don’t know if this qualifies as a still-life, it’s a chain from a necklace. But I love the texture.

Even with this rain, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. Next week, in my Newspaper class, we want to go to press and for once, I am not at all ready. My lack of motivation for this class is unbelievable, I feel as though I’m nearing “giving up” which for me, is unheard of… but really, I’m so frustrated with every aspect of it I just want it to stop. I’m fed up with how things are currently being run and I want a change. I want something different. This class alone drains me of my energy and shoots down my happiness. I find myself dreading walking through those doors. And why? If I dared posted such things on the internet, it is certain, I would face the guillotine. However, in all seriousness, something with this class needs to change, or it will fall apart completley. I’m tired of trying to hold it up, and patch it together when it’s clearly falling to pieces. I want to figure out a way to pause everything and start fresh. I want to change people, but I’ve learned, the only person you can change is yourself. But that never said anything about influencing them. To change, must be up to them- that’s free will… but convincing them to change. hmm. I might be on to something here.

That single class is my main stress, it deprives me of my energy and eats away at my soul. Okay. Now I’m being overly dramatic. But really, it needs change so badly it’s not even funny. I’m sick of it. Done. So, back to the rain! The rain feels good. Driving in the rain is refreshing, when there is no one on the road. (people here suck at driving in the rain, normally well flowing streets turn into parking lots.) So I’m quite excited to be able to drive to school tomorrow, in the rain… and this is saying a lot for me, I didn’t used to like driving at all. I used to dread it nearly as much as I now dread Newspaper.

So, onward we progress, on to lighter topics! And one in particular that I really do love, George’s Debut! I finally have the video put together, these are just the highlights in a short collection with our seemingly reoccurring theme song by the Rolling Stones. [recap on that day] Now, re watching all of our runs, Jumpers remains my favorite despite most of our mishaps… as I think it sort-of sums up George’s agility career… it starts out okay, then has a rough middle and towards the end we take off on our own course and end off on a great note! I love agility. Enjoy the video.


2 Responses to “one of those feel-good things, rain is.”

  1. Michele Says:

    Hey, great running on your part. You get airborne, as visible in the slo mo part of the video at the end, plus your stride is nice and long! Congrats on that. So few muster that, including me. It’s one of my 2012 New Years’ Resolutions.

    • nbdetmers Says:

      I never actually thought about that before, thank you!!! good luck on your goals, I’m sure you’ll be there in no time at all! :)


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