this post is pretty lame.


Yes, just my mental barf all over the interwebs (oh, hi, Hannah!) I want to pause life. Let it stay where it is, and watch it… all the while I will think and relax. I’ve had enough of this stress getting to my head. It’s taking over my brain, especially today.  Most days it’s manageable, I can take in a bit, and work it out with drawing (well, I don’t think it qualifies as drawing, more so digging my pen into the paper to make designs and random things… that don’t resemble letters so I suppose it’s close to drawing.. ). Or I’ll write. Typically it’s a story about some character with the same life as me… who just perceives things differently. Or I’ll chew on ice… which is probably the most effective method of stress relief, but it isn’t good for me. Not to mention it only feeds my ever-growing strange addiction to ice. I am an odd person indeed.

It’s been raining. Usually I feel better in the rain. I did enjoy it this morning, sitting  in *my* car with the left-over heat from my seat warmer pouring out onto my back, listing to the rain beat down on the earth and watching the little droplets of water race down my windshield. I had seventies music playing in the background. I could have fallen asleep, it was perfect and completley relaxing… that is, until the bell rang. Then I had to step out into the pouring rain and become drenched. lovely. It would have been nice if I wasn’t going to sit in a classroom afterwords, my soaked jeans sticking to my legs. delicious, right. hahhhh lovely images here. Apparently tomorrow the rain is going to stop.  That calls for possible agility play!

I started shaping a roll-over for George today. He is probably the most difficult dog to  train roll over to, ever. He will not do it. With the progress we’ve made today, he leans and turns his head. I tried luring for this trick before and we got no where as he soon realized that meant rolling onto his back. I want him to realize it’s a trick and that I am not trying to push him into submission or something. I just have to figure out how to get him to lean forward. I might have gotten lucky today with our shaping because he was just so overly excited when I clicked when he turned his head, so he began to dramatically turn his head which led to the “lean” … hopefully we’ll get there tomorrow. I’m pretty proud of George… he’s been offering very random behaviors instead of the usual sit/down/wave beg that he typically offers me when I try for a trick. We shall see how tomorrow goes.

oh tomorrow, have mercy on me.

and because posts aren’t cool without a photo:
[insert photo here]
one might come, eventually.



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