school is taking over my life


I am completley exhausted. I think, it is Newspaper that is taking over my life… not necessarily school on it’s own. I mean, really, how many kids do you know who spend their weekends going to the press and checking to see how the paper looks (speaking of, note to self to remember to put it in my binder for school tomorrow.) Lovely, eh?
We haven’t been able to train in so long, it’s almost maddening. I have half a mind to skip school tomorrow to go out to the field and really train.

I’ve been learning a bit about taking pictures though… I’ve found that overexposed photos are much easier to edit than underexposed ones, and how extremely easy it is to find a subject that is not entirely dull to photograph around my house as a “still life.”  However, I do find myself photographing my homework (or something relevant/close to my homework) instead of actually doing it. For instance, exhibit a: the spinney is sitting on my econ book. the spinney itself sits on the corner of my desk anyways so I wasn’t exactly going ‘out of my way’ to get a subject. Regardless of the matter. I feel as though I’m trapped in high school. Well, being more specific, trapped in newspaper. I think though, as this year progresses to an end, I will begin to enjoy it and possibly even miss it.. consuming all of my time as it did.
anyhow. I need to train and get my mind off things. broad word, I know, I’m overly stressed out about every little thing. I need to chill out and take a deep breath. Now if only it were that easy.



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