some real improvement


I got the opportunity, today, to train with Megan and finally meet (and train with) Bailey! It was quite the nice experience. Relaxed, as our training sessions usually are… and George was responding exceedingly well. This usually happens when I lower my criteria and try to focus on him being confident and happy. Of course, isn’t that what agility is really about? He was confident, and quicker than he usually is (yay, real running!!)  I felt my concentration lapse and I began to relax and take everything in.
Megan is a stellar teacher. I don’t think she reads this blog (just my 365 one) so I’ll speak openly (and if she does… hi Megan!) She managed to teach a Susan Salo Seminar off of her notes, as if the content was her own. That takes a certain talent, not many people have… so perhaps I should tell her. or something.
Today, overall was just a feel-good day for me. There wasn’t any extraordinary surprise or any burst of emotions at all. It was just pleasant. Everything today was just pleasant. Which is particularly odd, as I usually find means of describing various elements in a day differently according to how I thought it out. But today I didn’t seem to care… and managed to live up to the statement “it’s all good” because really, it was all good.

Between Megan and I, there is no shortage of photos of Jeni, Kai and George… nor videos (however I’m impatient and waiting for the mac to finalize long video projects is painfully boring) but you can watch our training session here and see our photos here (on my three-six-five blog). All photos today are by Megan Miller (thank you!!!). So, since we have the whole week off from school this upcoming week, I’ll probably be playing agility every day, or at least going to the field. We’ll see. It’ll be fun.



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