when things are going change, I can get pretty sappy.


my brain keeps obnoxiously reminding me that I won’t have George at school/ constantly with me when I go to college and it makes me want to cry. I mean, what am I going to do? Who’s going to do my homework? (see exhibit a, right) Am I actually supposed to do it and not just take photos of it? what? but that’s what my George is for.. but I guess I’ll see him when I go home.. it won’t be the same though. I’ll miss everything about life with him all the time. if you know what I mean. I’ll miss life with my family a ton too, but they’re not going anywhere, George is nine. and four years from now he’ll be thirteen. and I’ll be wondering where time has gone. oh wait, I already am. why do I always get so sappy when I think about college. ugh. now for some serious inspiration. I didn’t copy the entire poem for you, but it’s artwork… (also, don’t ask why there are shorts on my desk… hah..)

“I’m beautiful to those few,

I bring hope their hearts when their world comes crashing down,

I bring reassurance to when doubt is raised and morals are shaken.

I bring them the ability to be free,

To be free to live a life without stereotypes that before caused them to hide their true selves, the freedom to not second-guess their hearts and to love without worry, the freedom to let go of their past burdens that make up the bulk of what’s on their minds;

No, I’m not just a disturbance or a hassle to them.”

Chrissy Marie, Rain. 



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