I just feel like writing, leave me alone.


so I’m pretty lame. I sort-of procrastinated, so because it’s Friday, I mostly spent the whole day doing homework instead of going and playing agility. Good news though, I got my tail lights fixed on my car. So it’s legal now. I want to wake up super early and take George out to go play some agility. I’ve got a whiff of puppy fever pretty bad, so you can probably anticipate this post will mostly be me, complaining about how much I need a puppy. I don’t care anymore. I think. Actually I do. I sort-of have an idea where I’d like this future puppy to come from, as for the breed I’m leaning towards Sheltie. Hopefully I’ll find one that’s either slightly oversized (not as big as a collie). I’m unbelievably attracted to overly-furry, vocal dogs. But Shelties don’t compare to George in either of those categories. I guess they’re fluffy, for their size. And they have a reputation for being vocal… but I’ve met so many shelties, and George has them beat by a long shot. I’ve been onto this sheltie thing for quite some time. And I’ve almost changed my mind. I kind of just want a mutt, from a shelter. Even though this kind of eliminates all of my chances at anything above the National level. Ohhhhh wellll. I like to set my sights high. You know. Not limiting myself. I think that’s kind of an important thing, making sure you don’t set yourself up for a “road block” so to speak.

I’m currently re-reading this post with this weird voice in my head. It sounds pretty whine-ey but right now, it’s funny to me. You’ll probably just roll your eyes reading this. yeeeeop. she’s crazy. what’s new.
And no, that wasn’t intended to be a question. I think.
This is what happens to my brain when I spend the day slaving away at this boring english book that I could care less about. It’s actually kind of good, in the parts where it’s told through the point of view of the journalist. But when you get to the parts where the pervert tells the story, well, that’s another … well… story (not to be repetitive or anything)

Oh, weird. My ipod went slightly crazy on me and began playing that speech, the “…this isn’t a math test, this is a completley different kind of test… a funny one, where passion, has a funny way of triumphing over logic…”  it was kind of a “thing” around the agility juniors on youtube for a bit, some time back. It kind of made me feel good, hearing it again. I forgot that I even downloaded that to my ipod. More weird things. Now the Gorillaz are on. What am I listening to?

Anyways. Back to what I was saying. What was I saying anyways? Er… yes. That I need to stop complaining about how I need another puppy, I mean, I need to get over this and learn how to wait. I’ve been complaining about this for three years… that’s recorded anyways not to mention, how on earth am I going to convince my family? I think, I need to keep working with George… if he get’s his NAC title (NADAC) I think I’d burst, he’s one Q away… so it’s totally achievable… we could actually do this. I bet I could get him all of his Novice titles if we started Qing in everything… instead of just STD. I keep thinking about how weird this is. Had you asked me last year, what I doubted we’d Q in, I’d tell you STD & TNG, actually, I’d say all of them. Honestly, I had no faith in us. I had hope, I guess, it was kind of a broken sort of thing where I’d half given up but me, being me, doesn’t give up on anything/ anyone for any reason. There’s some sort of die-hard drive inside of me that just won’t let me quit. I’m not a quitter. It’s not in my nature. So when Mr. Impossible and I started pursing this sort-of goal of Qing… I knew I would find a way, somehow. And here I am. We Q’d twice. Did you see that, twice… because I feel like emphasizing it. So… now I’m sitting here, like a loser, setting new goals for myself and my Mr. Impossible. Because now I have some small fragment of faith.

Here’s some proof that he can actually run pretty fast. He’s getting more confident, I’ve noticed. The more dogs he meets, the more places we go. He’s gaining a sort of “norm” to his behavior. I mean, it only took eight years to get this start… but we’re getting somewhere!

Now I’m tired. and re-reading this in that funny voice again. Because I sound so completley drained and lame and whine-ey throughout this whole post. dragging on, and on, and on. well. now I can say, that eight-hundred-something words later, it’s complete. Thanks for reading this. I probably sound like a mess. Hopefully we’ll go to agility tomorrow and I can post something deep and meaningful to make up for this awfully sloppy entry. Oops.



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