so, after some serious contemplation..


I decided to re-do my post for today completley. I don’t think I’m overly religious (I hope I don’t seem overly religious) but today, during a long homily, the question “where you are closest to God” came up… it wasn’t really a question, I don’t think that was even part of his point, but it was just a phrase. I think, actually, that I’ve posted something like this before, but what could it hurt to say something again. I mean I’ll say this over and over and over again because it’s true.

Bam. I think when I write blog entries I become a more blunt person. Tell it like it is. Why not.  So back to the original topic. Showers. Showers are when I’m closest to God. Something about the water, clearing my head, making everything clear to me, I am able to focus on what I need to do and focus less on things that’d drag me down. I make plans, I call out to God and ask for help. I think there is magic out there somewhere. (where did that come from?, point proven, I have an odd mind)

So today I thought about how thankful I should be… and am! How lucky I am that so far, the problems and challenges I’ve faced haven’t been hard. They haven’t been entirely life changing (well, for me, not living so long, they feel quite life changing… if my Dad read this – maybe he will – he’d quote “you are still young and stupid..” I don’t remember where that was from… haha, it sounds better when he says it though. because he’s joking around, and you can’t exactly read “joking around” off of a screen. well. you just did. I guess. More philosophical stuff. (oh, that is a word. I was testing my spell check… what a lovely surprise!)

Moving on, so of course, my brain starts to list people I need to thank in some way. And then I realize. How on Earth am I supposed to Thank God (pun intended… hahh did you get that?) So then I decided that from now on, I’d make an effort to try to be nice to everyone. No matter how annoying, or ignorant, or crazy they may seem/ act/ be (now I feel awful, take that last one off.) sooo. That’s what I’ll do to say thank you to God.

Now for other awesome people I need to thank. I don’t know. I’ll have to figure something out. I guess, today, I just feel really, really thankful.
and not to kill the mood or anything, but really overly lazyyyyy. Look at all of these instagram photos! (thanks to Matthew for letting me borrow his ipod and take these!) I have a lovely camera, an awesome camera. Yet I am resorting to instagram. What is this world coming to? I followed the trend. Yikes.
everything in my newspaper-conditioned-self is screaming at me. Why am I putting two little pictures on top. A page MUST go biggest to smallest (rule of thumb, just in case anyone was considering laying out a newspaper any time soon). Must. break. free. of. newspaper. slavery.
oh here’s another fun fact.  When my brother and I were little we used to pretend that we were slaves. (okay, we were normal kids. how many kids do you know play the slave game? er.. ) the way we used to play / the “symbol” for slavery was pulling our shirts off of one of our shoulders. Now that’s a fashion trend. The younger me would have freaked out. (why are there so many slaves?!!!) Now my brother and I just laugh. I will never fall into that trend. I would rather avoid being a slave, thank you very much.

well, good night. I’m off to go read now.



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