lighten up, while you still can


“..don’t even try to understand… so take it easy!” the Eagles.

In honor of crufts being next weekend, I decided to go and look around at agility in the UK. Then, to my delight, I stumbled upon the first Cruft’s agility course, from 1978. (Photo from Agility Net.) So today, when Megan and I (and Kai and George, of course) went to go play agility I told her about it, and next weekend, we’ve decided to do a sort-of in honor of Cruft’s practice and play on this course! I’ll bring my chute (I have to find the cloth somewhere, or perhaps we could just use the tarp like old times). And, in honor of Crufts- well, I decided to do this perhaps more because I feel like it. I want to make some wooden jump wings. I just have to get some wood now. I’ve got plans for them anyways. I just have to make some time and do it!

So today, we got to train with Megan & Kai, which is always a blast. I mean, we’re both pretty laid back so there isn’t anything crazy going on, we mostly work on some stuff, then talk and take pictures. I talk a lot. I guess, like George, I talk more when I get more confident. Lately I’ve been feeling pretty good about myself. Hence talking more. Probably because it’s about agility, and when it’s about agility, I know (or not) that at some stage in their life, everyone has been / is going to be (in agility of course, if they plan to compete/ try it/ whatever) where I am currently in stages of learning. It makes me feel good that one cannot simply “fall behind” in agility, you set your own goals and achieve them. Unless you have a trainer and you let your trainer do that for you..? I don’t exactly know how that works.

So today, it was super hot. I even debated going swimming. But I didn’t, because the pool is super cold. Instead I sat inside and typed this entry in the coolness of the air conditioner.  Despite the heat, George did pretty well today, his weaves were decent, he ran with Kara (the owners of the field’s daughter) and her friend around talking and playing on their bikes which was great. His recall was great, with the exception of trying to call him off Spencer. Those two are pretty good friends, if you count sniffing each other excessively as friendship. I kind-of was being hopeful and ran him over the dogwalk. first run, he hit his contact, second run he was actually running and flew over it (oops) then he noticed I stopped and went all 2o/2o on me (oops even more).

his a-frame really needs some work (more box work it is!) He’s super consistent with the box on the ground, but I’m thinking about lowering it on the a-frame. It also depends on his striding, if he’s lazy, usually one foot manages to get in, if he’s running he doesn’t think too much and by the fourth time I’ve said “touch” he slides three paws in. His teeter is looking pretty well, he LOVES the bang game but couldn’t care too much for the 2o/2o… because his teeter is very slow. But I’m going to stick with his 2o/2o and not get lazy because he would jump off and go try the bang game again… on his own. That’s just George for you, he likes to make the teeter make noise. Preferably with his front paws on the board.

so, we got to train with Kai and Megan today, and I can never get over how extremely photogenic Kai is! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad/ eh photo of her, she’s pretty in everything! [view more photos]

So, I re-did my layout completley, I think I got what I wanted, simple… and light! I wasn’t exactly set on this brown/tan color, but I’m starting to like it the more I see it. We’ll see how long it lasts!


2 Responses to “lighten up, while you still can”

  1. jessicavdl Says:

    That course map is so different! I like the layout you chose! It’s hard to find a good wordpress layout, I don’t know how particularly happy I am with mine.

    • nbdetmers Says:

      yeah, it’s so weird! it’s a fun course, too!
      thank you! yeah, I’m never happy with my layout, this is the first one I’ve been partially satisfied with.


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