parley & practice


(before, er derin readin’ this yeh mey want teh listen to this, yeh know, teh git inteh theh spiret of bein’ a pirate.)
Parley… parley… yeh see, me hartes, we just be watchin’ Pirates of the Caribbean! So now the only language I be speakin’ is pirate. arr.   A pirate’s life for me! Arr. That’s what George was thinking at agility today.   So, quite possibly, for this post though, I’ll be stickin’ teh normal english for yeh teh undehstand, mates. Though when I was a taken these eh pictures mates,  I completley fergot to re-set, meh settin’ s ’cause I be takin’ some photographs of theh moon yeh see.
so. normal speak now. yo ho! Today, in honor of Crufts (and Tori’s awesome runs) Megan and I decided to play on the first Crufts course – ever! It was quite the experience, I suppose harder than it looked, though today must have been kind of an off day. We had fun, all the same, and I hope we’ll be going back tomorrow to play on it some more and get it right! ;)
Though I’m extremely happy to say George has been consistently hitting his A-Frame contacts – on an off day (oh, wait, that sounds weird.. ) but still! He didn’t miss a contact at all (all four paws to…) maybe it was my standing so close to the A-Frame while he was going down, or something weird that I did, or maybe he was just getting that he had to hit “inside the box that was no longer there.”

Our first run, was… interesting… he ran pretty fast but flew over his dogwalk contact (arr) and had issues with the weaves and almost everything else. arr. So Kai and Megan ran and played and I thought, hum. what if I take it slow. He’s stressing out and making everything much more difficult than it is. Treat more often, he’ll be more enthusiastic and less freaked out like he usually is? Well. It worked, I guess, he still flew over his dogwalk contact *sigh* but we managed to complete the course. After that we just trained, it was fun. I felt good, taking things slow, it made me realize how well I know George, his needs and his wants, just based on his actions. We communicate well with each other.
So now, I’m really tired. So I’m going to go to sleep. Perhaps tomorrow I will share some photos and talk more about what I was going to say in today’s post. But I think I’d rather sleep. Good Night.



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