captivated by today’s happenings.


Tricks, that’s what’s happening. Lots and lots of tricks. Tricks on my mind, George’s tricks.
This also means, not much is happening … training wise. We’re back to working on his handstand, but mostly I’m thinking about this week. This is going to be a thriller of a week. Non-Stop, action-packed.

This past weekend, I did get to see The Hunger Games film!! I didn’t get to go to the premier, school night, oh bother. But I did get to watch and enjoyed it (despite being such a detail-freak that some little things bothered me throughout) overall, I thought it was a beautiful performance.

do you ever have those days where you’re trying to write, you have something you want to say, really, really badly then every five seconds your phone goes off because of a new text. I don’t know why this past month has been so intensely crazy. I feel almost as though, everyone has turned into Bee’s and it’s spring so we must pollinate!  Good grief.
So  I’m going to take a moment now to silence my cell phone and  put it on my bed, far from reach so I’m not tempted to stop writing again. I have much to say, you see. And now I’m starting to loose track of my words because of these little questions.

Firstly, on Wednesday and Thursday, things are going to happen. I’m not allowed to say anything except at school, we have a *special assembly* those few of you who know, well, you know what’s going on. I’m just a bit nervous. Just a bit. That’s why I keep thinking about it, eh? Yeah. Lovely nerves.

Off to happier subjects – on Friday through Sunday, Megan, Mrs. Miller & I get to go to volunteer and watch AKC Nationals!!! I also am taking this opportunity to meet everyone I don’t normally get to see *ahem* Tori and Sarah ;) … and for this I’m beyond excited.  George will not be coming with me, for probably the best. You see, he tends to get extremely vocal in trial situations, so imagine Nationals, (which is probably twice as stressful as a normal trial) and trying to picture him there… is really… difficult. So he’ll be happy, at home, probably sleeping inside.
And RENO! According to the Weather Channel, it’s supposed to be nice and sunny and windy up in Reno, but really, it’s Reno and the with the weather we’ve been getting down here, I’d imagine there might still be some snow on the ground.  (it’s probably freezing) So, with this news, I probably should remind myself to pack some snow-worthy clothing.

College stuff, I’ve got to sign up for our orientation day, and more stuff. I don’t know. It’s just on my mind.
I’m just really, really excited. And I apologize for this confounded post, it must look as if I can’t keep my mind in one place, perhaps because, right now, I’m so excited… that I can’t!

In other, very important news: FOUR DAYS.


4 Responses to “captivated by today’s happenings.”

  1. UponAtlas Says:

    I like your blog :)

  2. jessicavdl Says:

    Eyes in the second picture… loveeee!!


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