pancakes and training


There was a really delicious recipe on the fresh-pressed page today… so I decided to try it, well, the pancake part anyways.  We didn’t have the right ingredients for  the Berry Crush, however, I plan on trying it as soon as we get some blackberries!

the pancakes, however, were so good! (though mine are slightly misshapen, they were still delicious). Everyone enjoyed eating them and I plan on using the recipe again!  They made for a very delightful (and very filling/ long lasting) lunch.

after lunch, George and I headed off to do some agility, we’ve been going more frequently because it’s break but I think I may be seeing a substantial growth in his confidence. I mean, I was able to call him off a magpie AND some crazy guy and his lawnmower who’s engine sounded awful.

… after looking at these pictures, I have to admit, he makes some crazy-adorable, yet dorky faces. It’s really cute. I think that might be why I like him…. anyways. His confidence was increasing, but I can tell he pinpoints obstacles he likes. Those are fast and confident and consistent every time… he loves weaves, he’s beginning to love the a-frame more than his weaves and he loves playing the bang game. So much so that whilst I was cleaning up, he took it upon himself to go to the teeter and play on his own, completley fascinated by the teeter.  Sometimes I wonder about him.

I also decided that my photographs were mostly boring, so I decided to get the triple out and do some action shots with it. I never really properly introduced him to the triple, he just sort-of “got it” during a fun match.  I made plans to properly introduce it to him but upon beginning, they seemed almost pointless. He could care less the amount of bars set on it, he’d just jump it.  That’s George for you.

News on David- I’ve got no real news with what’s happening… I’m just wishing for more prayers.  I’ve heard he is feeling better, which is good… it means he’s hopeful and fighting. Cancer sucks, so my prayers go out to anyone and everyone who’s been affected (regardless of whether or not they’ve had it, having family who’s had it is bad enough).

Tomorrow I’m back at school.  Eight weeks (minus a few days) until graduation.



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