perception: it’s all in your head


You have to take, what life throws at you… catch it, and throw it back.
The world is made of all kinds of people… the athletes, the ones who’s lives all seem so perfect and in order (The reality of it being that they are no better off than yourself.) , then there are the popular kids, whatever you call them – people we put on a pedestal, for their looks… moreover things we may be jealous of… we create this perfect image of (but once again, really, they aren’t much different from… you…)
then there’s the nerd crowd, those braniac’s who seemed to know everything and gotten everywhere, with anything. they bring to you the latest in technology and keep the world advancing to where we never thought it’d go. maybe they’re the “different” ones.
then there’s everybody else.  you, me, everyone else. Honestly, from the point of view of a high school student,  the world seems to be a more-grown up, dramatic version of, well, high school.
but really. what. who am I kidding? It’s all in my head.

We see things the way we want to see them, whether we actually think about it that way or not… it just happens.  People change, people grow what we once knew is now different because we see things in a new light.

I know, for sure, I’m not the same person I was last year, and yet at the same time I am. I’ve grown as a person, and in that aspect, I’m very different. The way I perceive things and the actions I take are different.  The choices I’d make would be different and I’ll even go so far as just a few years ago, looking back I see myself as completley immature and ridiculous.  Even though, as a child I promised myself that I’d never “grow up” … I look back and realize how glad I am that I’ve changed.

I have no idea where I’m getting with this post.

I just had a thought and went with it.

I’m just saying though,  in life, we have to make decisions that shape who we are and who we become.  I think… when you do think about it, even little decisions have long term effects on shaping you as a person.

maybe I’m crazy… but I think it’s the choices we make, that make us who we become.

maybe I am crazy, but this world is changing and growing…………… and right now, I think it’s time to go watch some NCIS and later, some New Girl…. hmm.
today’s been a good day.

still thinking about David…
He’s feeling well, hopeful.  My aunt, Deanne is saying they’re feeling really, surprisingly hopeful, so I think they’re getting the positive waves. (okay, run on sentence and a kind of corny movie reference, don’t kill me. haha.) He’s continuing with his treatments and *fingers crossed* everything will hopefully go well.  (he’s on some crazy chimo and radiation schedule).  So, if you could, please keep sending that positive energy over.

I think that’s where I was going. It’s all in your  head, and if he continues to have hope that he can defeat this cancer, he will. this goes out to everyone fighting for anyone with any kind of cancer. Cancer sucks man, just gotta have hope.


3 Responses to “perception: it’s all in your head”

  1. Girl you just hit my slogan on the head! I know *exactly* what you mean and I agree 120%, it is sooooooo true that it’s all in our heads. Seriously. “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.”(-cant remember author)

    I’ve heard visualizing is really strengthening. Positive thoughts your way. Cancer is evil.

    • Nicole Detmers Says:

      Awesome! So I’m not crazy ;) hahh some people believe it’s some outside force making them do stuff, they’ve got to learn that it’s really them! That quote is awesome!!!

      Thank you, It really is.


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