Today my Mom and I delivered dinner to a family who’s Mom is currently a colon cancer patient. She has chimo every other week, for three days. She’s got two little daughters, Victoria and Nicole. She’s strong, extremely skinny and fragile looking… but she’s strong for her girls, and that’s all that matters.  Again, the surreal feeling of my own lack of understanding overcame me. We can sympathize all we want, but we’ll never understand. I say this, not to sound mean or harsh… I simply mean, each person is unique, we’ll never know exactly what another person feels or thinks, no matter how they describe it. We may get an idea, but we don’t actually know.
“When I’m weak, or sick, all I think about is them”  she said, referring to her two daughters, “I have to be there for them, and it’s like nothing else matters.” I watched my Mom agree and share her own experience. And then it hit me.

We may be different. We may never know exactly what the other person means, says, thinks or feels… but here we are, on this Earth, experiencing the same thing, through different eyes. Then I started to get angry. Cancer has affected more people than I can count on one hand that has touched my life alone. Imagine how many people in this world it has touched… because I’m sure I’m not alone in this, and yet, somehow cancer patients feel alone, get depressed because of chimo and being stuck in hospitals for treatment. I was mad.

On the way home, my Mom smiled and brought up an episode of Star Trek “Remember that episode, where they saved the whales?” she said, “remember how Scotty saw Cancer patients getting Chimo and said something about how ‘stone age’ the technology was…” she continued.  I knew what she meant. I wish the same thing.

So now, I’m asking you… send some good thoughts to those affected by Cancer… they need all the help they can get.
and let’s get this technology moving!

… and because this post needs a photo… here’s Mason, the fish who eats fish food that costs more than he did.



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