go to the lake, feel the sand between your toes and the water up to your knees. Take your camera, shoot, shoot lots of times, don’t care if you get wet. Make Harry Potter references, laugh as your dog makes a fool of himself.
there are many good things that come from going to the lake with Megan, Kai and George.
it was peaceful, beautiful and funny… reminding me how blessed I am.

being at the lake reminded me to focus on the little things. That is a phrase that is way over quoted, over used and very true… but it’s only true if you find it yourself. As I was standing in the water, trying to get some adorable shots of the dogs swimming and playing (yes, George wasn’t being completely anti-social- even he tried something new) I decided to look at the world with awe.

It sounds childish, to look at the trees and wonder how they grew… we clearly have science to explain that… but really, when was the last time anyone sat in awe at something… well I did, because George, was swimming like never before.

I have to admit, he started my chain of wonder. How did he get so confident, so fast?  Maybe it was Kai, maybe he  felt he needed to prove something, but for some reason, he did. George is not the bold type to go running (run/wade-ing) into the water and start swimming. He usually has to warm up to it… but not this George.  He was bold and confident, swimming far out to retrieve the ball.

be brave. he might have said to me.

He was brave.

and Kai is beautiful.

and I am blessed to have everything in my life that I do.



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