for there to be healing, there must first be pain


No one likes self pity… and lately, my posts have been as sparse as water in a desert.  There is a lot happening in life right now and a lot of it, my mind cannot seem to digest. Well. My mind does not want to digest. My lack of motivation is pitiful and pointless… and finally last night, after training for the first time in too long… Megan got to me. We were doing nosework, something I found, George excels at.  If writing were my thing, nosework would be his. He becomes intense, focused and driven.  Far from the distracted dog I’d run in agility. His enthusiasm for finding his bait was intriguing. It was much like mine in wanting to play agility.  He wasn’t going to stop until he got his bait… and nothing could stand in his way.


it was both intriguing and awesome to see him work. His brain sorting scents faster than he’d ever run in agility. He was focused and driven and quick about his work. Eager to go back and work again, he probably would play all night if he could.

after our first attempt at nosework (four searches… or the actual term for looking for the bait..), we decided to head off for a walk.

and I’ve been walking a lot lately, walking, running, away from my problems… right?


The path we took last night started easily, followed by a twisty trail and a huge climb. Along the trail we were distracted by other dogs, birds, squirrels and people. Sometimes we’d get compliments on how cute our “puppies” were.  Towards the end it started to go downhill and once we returned to the field, I was sad it was over.

That walk was like life. I’d concluded last night… It’s got it’s ups and downs, twists, turns and distractions… when you hit the main climb, it feels hard… you get tired and your head tells you it’d be easier to give up.  But by the time you reach your destination… it’s over too soon.

Maybe I’m crazy- so here are some reasonable people you can listen to.


You’re probably wondering why all of the instagram photos… I am now in the iphone family… my first smart phone… life was so simple before… haa, so good news there :) and I’ve been walking everywhere… with my camera.. so I’ve got plenty of photos for my 365 blog… I just have to get around to editing them. Sometime.

but I’ll leave you with that. I’ve got nosework tonight again, with probably more life talks.

it actually felt good to write this post, now I don’t know how (don’t want to) finish writing!

and now, instagram is probably one of the easiest ways to stalk me (@suspendedinfreefall).



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