thus, the life of a college student


I keep staring at my blog.  And then I click “New post” as if I’m going to write something. As if.  Blogging has become a sort of empty shell for me now.  I’ve gotten busy, life has gotten in the way.  I never thought I’d experience college without blogging.  In the past, blogging had become a stable and steady thing I’d done on a regular (sometimes even daily) basis to release my thoughts to the world.  However, lately, thus hasn’t been the case.  My release of thoughts have been through running… and talking.

I never thought I’d say this but I’ve become outgoing. Something in me decided to step outside of my comfort zone. I will talk to anyone and everyone… and for the people here, it’s normal.  Even thinking back a few months, I am not the same person.  On the inside, of course, I am.  I will always be that little girl who loves animals and coloring.  That will probably never, ever change.  However, this time last year, if you would have asked me how I thought I’d be in college, I never would have thought I’d be the way I am.  I love being outgoing.  That was probably one of the best decisions I’d made within the first few days of being here.  My bubble of quiet was popped and out burst me!  I still wonder what made me change.  How I was able to come up with that decision and really act on it.

So, as you would imagine, quite a bit has happened since the last time I blogged here.  You see, it almost doesn’t feel right to blog here.  I don’t have George. I’m not currently competing or training in agility…. and this blog is called Charge Dogs…?

But that’s not completely true.  The amount of agility I watch, and the amount of me that craves and longs to run again in agility is immeasurable.  It’s like a burning itch in the back of my mind, ever present.

Let me speak on the events that have taken place.  First off, my birthday was on September 7.  I am now eighteen years old and no longer a junior in the agility world which is strange… considering I don’t feel a day older than seventeen. At least that.  Secondly, I’ve been in college for a few months now. And third off, I am now a member of the Equestrian Team at my school.  Yes.  I am a college athlete. An Equestrian.  Don’t give me that look.  I guess, you could say, I’m doing agility with horses, kind-of.


in all honesty, I am loving college!  I plan to blog more, as soon as more things happen… but some dates to look forward to…. October 6th is our first team show (I won’t be riding in it) but it’s a ‘home’ show and it’s all Western (I’m riding Hunt Seat, which is totally different)  I plan on blogging more as things happen.  I’ll try to make them relevant, in some way, I mean.  But regardless, I hope you don’t mind the lack of agility posts.  Perhaps I’ll find someone who will go to a trial with me and I can take pictures and talk to people.  I mean, the bay team is a local spot right now…. ;)


Looking forward though, I want to get back into agility as soon as I possibly can.  So you can sit and assume as much as you’d like.  However, I have to pretend to be “adult-like” and manage my time to see when the plans I’d like to set in action would be reasonable.  *wink, wink*  but I’m not saying anything. yet. *ahem* so college life….. I can’t wait to update all of you with equestrian related – I mean horse-agility type things. You know. The usual stuff.

it’s college! what can I say? ;)  I’m happy.
Just missing family… and George. A ton.



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