George is ten.


Okay, I’ll be honest.  I’m supposed to be doing Philosophy homework right now.  But really, this occasion needs a post… and quite frankly, I have a few more hours to do philosophy before I fall asleep (I finished most of it, don’t worry Mom ;))

I really can’t believe George is ten.  That means, he’s been by my side for nine years. I would post a “ten years and doing awesome” or a birthday photo, but he’s two hours away from me, probably asleep already on his bed, at home.  When I got George, I was eight years old. Needless to say, I had my fair share of flaws in my ways, but he taught me to grow up. He showed me what it meant to be responsible for much more than yourself. He’s taught me the meaning of hard work, testing patience, and pure happiness. He’s allowed me to realize that life shouldn’t be taken so seriously, led me to understand that really, really, hard work does pay off in the end.  He’s led me to cry, laugh and feel more accomplished than anything I’ve ever felt doing anything else.  Our adventures in dog sports and life in general have taught me more than I could ever learn from reading in a book or going to school.  Life lessons.

The night before I left for college I took this picture of us.  Clearly, nine years later, we haven’t changed much.  We’ve only gotten older – I’ve phased out of my Hermione/ Harry Potter skirt obsession (thank goodness!) I miss him unimaginably much. And when I said I couldn’t picture life without him, I still can’t.  I’m thinking about him constantly, in his age, what could we do.  Next year, planning, thinking. I miss my best boy.  Looking towards the future?  Expect nothing but the same, many more years of our silliness, lessons and nutty adventures. George is ten years young, what does that mean anyways? ;)


2 Responses to “George is ten.”

  1. My dog was 18 when he passed over and that was cancer he had but right up to month before had he was still playing like a puppy silly old man he was even tho I’m a mummy now and year plus ten years experience I still miss my boy enjoy him while you can

  2. M.C. Says:

    A belated happy birthday. How lucky you are to have grown up with such a beautiful companion.


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