what you want, what you need, what you came here for


of course. The title is a Foster The People song lyric.  I tend to listen to music while I write.  It just happened to fit. 

Watching the Agility World Championships this weekend was phenomenal.  Holding my breath with team USA each run of the way (and still drooling over Silvia & Le’s run).  I couldn’t help but wish I were playing agility, my mind began to wander and I begin to wish I’d done more with George.  I’d begun to wish I had gotten a puppy and continued my journey in agility as we were going. I reminded myself over and over that our “run” wasn’t “over” that I could still play, I was still in the game.  But none of this sunk in.  I guess I could describe it like a drug addict, craving their drug. That was me, I felt like I needed agility, my heart burned as I watched people run. I could feel jealousy ebb at my consciousness. I wanted to do that.  I wanted to be there.

(gif created by some unknown source on the internet, original content by Walt Disney & Pixar Studios.)

Snap out of it. I told myself. At this present moment in time, it is not reasonable to be wishing to do agility when I am being blessed with a multitude of other things. (Had to pull that Incredible’s reference. That movie is just too fantastic.

On Saturday, I attended my first collegiate horse show!  Firstly I must say, I feel completely blessed and honored to be on the Sonoma State Equestrian Team, I have some pretty fantastic teammates/ coaches/ trainers and of course- the horses are wonderful! Secondly, Congrats to Tori & Christina for winning 1st & 3rd in your classes. Both of you looked fantastic!!  The first show of the year, was a Western Show- for those of you who don’t know, IHSA (collegiate) horse shows are divided between English (Hunt Seat), Western, and Eventing disciplines. I compete in Hunt Seat, which is in the English discipline so I was not showing this weekend.

Unlike most “sports games,” horse shows involve multiple schools coming together and competing.  I was able to talk to people from UC Davis, COS and Stanford at this show as well as meet horses from those schools.  The experience was quite interesting and a complete blast!  The show ran quite smoothly and I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a person there who didn’t enjoy themselves.   I love the feeling of being a part of a team and the support everyone gave each rider as they competed and as placements and awards were received. (I even got to hand out ribbons!!)

It was overall a phenomenal experience! I cannot wait for the next show that I get to attend – and good luck this weekend to our Western Riders at Cal Poly SLO!

ssu equestrian team



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