wait…. what?


So minutes ago (well like, an hour ago) I was honored in receiving the Rider of the Month award for my Equestrian Team.  At the current moment, I am feeling slightly overwhelmed with feelings towards the entire team.  Mass amounts of love and joy.  I want to be nowhere else in life than with them right now.  The incredible amount of support and closeness I feel with most members is more than I could ever imagine I’d feel with a team.  Honestly, too, I feel as though anyone and everyone deserves a Rider of the Month award, the entire team is quite amazing.


This past weekend we had a Western show at College of the Sequoias, and let me tell you… there is no better way to get to know somebody then spending two days with them from before the sun rose to after the sun set in close quarters.  You learn the kinds of music they want, you create inside jokes, that’s how a team becomes tightly knit.  It was quite a fantastic experience, traveling, meeting tons of new people, seeing all kinds of different riders and visiting a college I’d never heard of before this year.   Experiences I never would have had without being apart of something great.  And next weekend… UC Santa Cruz!



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