because this blog has gone too long without agility


or can I speak for myself and say I have gone too long without agility.
this post is long overdue.

Gosh, I almost forgot how to write about agility.  With all of this essay writing and reflective thought I nearly forgot how to actually SPEAK.  and tell stories with writing.  Such an odd thing. And to think, I used to believe my essay language style somewhat mirrored my blog-post-writing (thank goodness it doesn’t..)

Living in college, without a dog, I kind-of thought that I would be agility deprived. Being a resident of Sonoma State for a good four months now has proven me otherwise. The first two months I went without any agility at all any non-internet/book/magazine forms of agility… and by the third month, I was beginning to make the trek home, getting to play agility with George at Fran’s field.


a couple of weeks ago, George and I were able to meet Megan’s puppy, Reckon!  Who George enjoyed hanging out with right away!  Holding my breath and having to say goodbye (and lecture myself thoroughly on why I needed to at least wait until I was out of the dorms before considering getting a puppy) [video].

Just last Saturday, November 17th, I got to spend the day with Olga, who I haven’t seen since AKC Nationals (Gadabout Photography) and Bryana (and Stephan & Graham) at the UKI Open!  And these last couple of days I’ve been able to do some super basic trick stuff and a tiny bit of agility with George! [video].

So agility deprived?  I guess it’s not nearly as bad as I thought it’d be… not to mention, now I’ve found a trial spot that’s twenty-ish minutes from the school…. so agility deprived… I won’t have to worry so much. Just missing getting to run in trials… but that’ll come soon enough!

The run isn’t over-  It’s only just begun!




2 Responses to “because this blog has gone too long without agility”

  1. Good to hear that college doesn’t skadoosh all traces of Agility by it’s mere presence. ;) Do you find it hard to find time for Agility and horses in college? I don’t know whether you’re planning on going to grad school or not, but if you were, do you think it would still be possible to do both? Those are the two things I want to continue so badly in vet school, but I’m afraid I will be too caught up in assignments and vetty-vet-vet stuff. Gorgeous photos btw! What camera do you use?

    • Nicole Says:

      I was honestly worried about that haha ;). I think there is a point of balance somewhere, I just haven’t found it yet… right now my time is spent half on school, like forty percent on horses, ten percent agility and ten percent driving from place to place… not exactly a balance but I’m getting there. I don’t know how I maintain a social life but I swear it’s in there somewhere!
      As of right now, I’m not planning on continuing on to grad school… but I know you could for sure maintain at least one or the other during grad school (I’ve seen a few people manage it) but both… you’d be stretching yourself pretty thin, but if you set your mind to it… probably! YAY Vet school!
      thank you so much!! those were all taken with my D3100 and a 50mm lens!


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